Welcome to our new “How do I…” series, where we go through all the questions you have.
Questions like “How do I register a Team” or “How do I Register as an Individual if I dont have a Team” and even “How do I Register a Child.”

Today on “How Do I…” we will be going over how you register a team.

Registering a team is the first thing you need to do in order to play in one of our beach leagues; whether you are signing up for beach volleyball, frisbee or Spikeball, you need to have your team registered to play, and importantly registered in the proper league.

Prior to registering a team there are a few things to make sure you have prepared in advance.

  • You have a team! You have a committed group of friends that want to play the whole season together
  • You know what night and what time you want to play! We have a few different options, so making sure you register for the right evening and the right time is key
  • You are ready to have fun! That is what this is all about, of course

Once you have all of that together, and your credit card, here are the step-by-step instructions to registering a team in one of our beach leagues:

  1. Log in to your account, and if you don’t have one, create one.
    (Head to thebeachyyc.ca and click the “Login/Create an Account” button if you haven’t saved the website already.)
  2. Click the “Registration” button
  3. Who are you registering? Click your own name!
  4. Select the Program. In this case we are registering a beach volleyball team in one of our beach volleyball leagues, so you should select “volleyball leagues”
  5. Click “Register a Team” We are registering a new team in this example. We will go over joining a team, or adding team mates to your already created team in another blog.
  6. Are you the Coach or Manager? Select “Yes” Or select “No” we are not really sure if this matters.
  7. Select the season you want and select “Select” In this example we are playing in the “Winter, 2021” season. Normally there would be a few different options to choose from depending what leagues we have on the go.
  8. Select the specific League you want to play in.
    This is where you need to make sure you choose the correct night and league, as there are a few different ones to choose from. As you can see in this example we have three different Intermediate Leagues running on three different nights. Our Tuesday League is full which is why is shows as “Call for Availability” while our Monday and Wednesday Leagues have space.
    We will select the Monday night option for this example.
  9. Since this is your first time you will click “Register a new team” and create a fun team name. It can be punny, an anagram of all your teammates names, or anything really as long as there are no swear words.
    Once you have your team name in place click “Next”
  10. Click “Checkout”
  11. Enter your credit card details and click “Process Payment”

And then you are done! 11 easy peasy steps lol.

Your team registration payment will be received by us, and your team will be registered to play in the league you chose!

There are only 10 team spots per league so make sure to get signed up quickly early when registration opens.

Next month we will look into “How to Roster your team mates”

Thanks, and happy beach-ing!
The Beach YYC