This month in “How Do I…” we are going back to the beginning and the first thing you will need to do to get your feet onto the beach:

How do I Create an Account

Dash Platform, our account and registration software service, is where you will register for our beach sports leagues, find your event/party booking information, buy drop-in beach volleyball passes, or register your children for our beach camps. You will also pay for all your bookings and registrations online.

Our electronic waivers are done through this software as well and are part of the account creation process. When you first create an account for yourself and any children/wards/charges you will also sign a waiver for them as well.

First things first, head to our homepage –

  1. Click the “Create an Account” button!
    You can also click the “LOGIN” button in the upper right hand corner of the header – both buttons take you to the same location
  2. Select Create an Account (again)[If you already have an account with us, this is where you would login]
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Enter your information. We keep your personal data as secure as possible
    Your registration, invoices and payments will be done through this site, so a good and unique password is necessary

  5. Read and sign the waiver. You will need to enter your password that you just created confirming it is you, and initial that you read and agree to the waiver

  6. SUCCESS! You have now an account!
  7. Do you have a child who is 18 years old and under. You will need to “Add Child” for each of them and sign the waiver as their parent/guardian

You can now register for beach sports leagues, you can sign up for our clinics and beach camps, and when you plan your next event here you will sign in to this account to make the payment.

If you have any questions about creating an account, let us know!
Thanks and happy beach-ing,
The Beach YYC