Restarting The Beach YYC after COVID-19


It has been quite a year, hasn’t it! On March 15th it was one full year since we hosted our last event, a kids beach birthday party. The bouncy house was setup, the music was fun, and the kids had a blast.

We all though that things would last a month, maybe two or three, but that the summer would come and things would definitely turn right back around by September. When that didn’t happen we knew that we were in it for the foreseeable future.

Well we are now on the cusp of opening back up! Vaccines are vaccinating, and after a whole year (less a few months last Fall) people are eager to get back to seeing their friends, playing beach volleyball, and having fun. All in as COVID safe environment as possible.


So what are our big plans? What events are we going to throw? When can I bring my kids to kids play?

Some of these questions we know and some we don’t just yet. Some will be answered when the Government of Alberta announces their reopen plan with Step 3 on Monday March 22nd, and some wont be.

But here are answers to some of the questions, if we are able to slowly reopon next week:

  • What are our big plans?
    A: Honestly, no big plans! Our first task is getting our beach volleyball leagues going again. We have teams that registered and paid for our Winter League who are very excited to get back on the sand, and we cant wait to welcome you all!
  • What about kids time? When will kids play start again?
    A: Our expectation is that any drop-in activities, such as kids play, Friday drop-in, or any non-cohorted leagues will still not be available with Step 3. We will need to wait until Step 4, or even later, for these activities to restart. Possibly September.
  • When can I book a birthday party for my child?
    A: That depends on what gets announced on Monday! Our guess is that as part of Step 3 we can host birthday parties for family units, but not for large groups. Probably Step 4. Stay tuned on that one.
  • Schools? Can schools book yet?
    A: YES!! Schools can book now! The limiting factor there is going to be staff. We have kept our staff here working as much as we could, but it has been limited. As well we lost our daytime GM last March with all of this. We can book schools and just need to coordinate properly.
    Send us an email: and we can see what we can do!
  • Last one. What is the first big party going to be??

A: Great question! We are planning our third birthday party in September, and if all is well and good will be grand! We cant wait to share details with you about it all!


So now we wait until Monday, March 22nd to see if the government will permit team sports! And once we get leagues going, our staff back in place, and our GM role filled, we will be flying high right here at The Beach YYC!


Thanks for reading y’all.